BOTM Member Bios


Adam has been with the BOTM club since its inception in 2005. He enjoys watching football (Go Jets) and baseball (Go Yankees), playing golf, smoking cigars, taking road trips and of course eating hamburgers. He is 32, works in Marketing/Advertising and lives in Westchester with his beautiful wife and amazing son.


Brett has been with the BOTM since it was formed and took part in the adventure to tackle the world's largest burger (at the time). When he isn't eating burgers, you can find him watching the Yankees, playing golf or training karate. Brett is 33, works as the VP of Operations for a software company and likes any event where food is a key ingredient... especially if there is some sort of eating contest involved. If you fry it or put cheese on it, Brett will eat it.


Darren, 36 (the elder statemen of the BOTM), has been with the club since its inception. To this day his mother still claims that ‘ burgers were all he ever ate as a kid’, so it’s no wonder he ended up in a Burger of the Month club. Darren manages the Sales and Marketing departments for a software company and enjoys spending time in various weekly or monthly clubs, including, wine, poker, movies and bowling. He lives on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. – Go Yankees!


Dave, 34, has been a member of the BOTM since inception.  In fact, his entire life has functioned as a BOTM, as it is doubtful that a month, or even 2 weeks have gone by without enjoying a bacon cheeseburger from somewhere.  He held (and may still hold) the office of Treasurer, despite devising a master ponzi scheme in which the seed fund of $50 magically disappeared.  He currently resides in Katonah with his wife and two children.


Undeniably a carnivore, Jason has made a lifelong commitment to all things meat, especially bacon!  Jason is 34 years old, an attorney, and his interests include Golf, Football (J-E-T-S, JETS JETS JETS), and BBQing.  He lives in Brooklyn with his beautiful and sexy wife (see, these are the types of things you say to remain in a burger club), and his wonderful daughter.


Jed is a 34 old attorney who likes the Jets, Yankees, NASCAR, and anything deep fried, preferably wrapped in bacon first.  He is the most recent addition to the BOTM club, and when he's not eating burgers he is exercising, which consists of walking briskly past the produce section of any supermarket.


Marc has been with the BOTM club since inception and was one of the members who took part in eating a cheeseburger the size of 60 big-macs (see world's largest burger adventure). While traveling is a big part of his job in the media/entertainment industry (Los Angeles BOTM anyone?), when at home he likes to stay close as you'll notice many of his picks are within a tight radius of his apartment in Manhattan's West Village (where he lives with his wife Trisha).

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