Glenwood Pines Restaurant - T-Shirt Next Time...

A couple months ago, some emails started circulating amongst a group of friends from my undergraduate days that we were due for a boys weekend away to the old stomping grounds, Cornell University in Ithaca.  It didn’t take long – maybe the 3rd or 4th email – for someone to mention the hallowed grounds of The Glenwood Pines Restaurant on Route 89 in Ithaca, NY.

Off the Beaten Path - Fourth Edition - Garden Burger

When you hear the words, “floor seats for the Knicks”, certain things come to mind.  The glitz, the glamour, Spike Lee, Woody Allen, celebrities, the Knicks dancers. . .and. . .a burger?  Well, maybe not a burger, and after sampling the Madison Square Garden burger you would be right to ignore it.

Pizza Burger

My quest to cook, eat & review different iterations of the “burger” (Check out my Pita Burger and Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger) has led me to try a classic – the pizza burger.  The cool part about the pizza burger is that you can get really creative with it – because pizza is such a flexible thing where you can order it with so many different types of toppings and things – so really, a pizza burger is just as flexible.  I chose to keep it pretty tr

Off the Beaten Path - Third Edition

When you think of a burger, certain types of restaurants come to mind.  A bar, a steakhouse, a fast food joint, a casual chain restaurant, are just a few examples of what likely pops into one’s head.  But a Greek restaurant, known for it’s meze spreads including eggplant and chickpea?  Likely not.  Perhaps, however, it should.  Because Kefi restaurant, on the upper west side, makes as good a burger as any pub in the City.

World's Best Burger?

I was in New Orleans a short while ago and while walking down Bourbon Street, I came across a sign that said ‘Hamburgers World’s Best’.  It was hanging in front of a place called Clover Grille.  I had to go in.  The place was a small diner type location with a dozen counter seats and half a dozen booths.  It was late and I had been out with friends for hours.  If this was the World’s Best Hamburger, I had to have one.  The burgers were cooked on a griddle top right in front of the counter.  I ordere

Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger

My quest to cook, eat & review different iterations of the “burger” (Check out my Pita Burger and Pizza Burger) has led me to a creation that I have read about on a few different websites – and it peaked my interest.  The idea is that you make two griddle flattened grilled cheese sandwiches (each with bacon) and use them as the top and bottom bun of a bacon cheese burger.

Who Got the Remaining Three Quarters of the Cow?

Like most things, being married to a graduate of the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University has its pluses and minuses.  Take for instance, using a public bathroom.  This used to be a fairly easy thing to do.  Now, I need a Masters degree in Operations Management to figure out how I’m going to successfully relieve myself without touching anything, including the door.  Riding the subway during the summer is fun because I look like Jeremy Renner in “Hurt Locker”, fully protected from all railings and poles.

A Trip To Petey's Burger

Although I am a member of The BOTM Club, I have a number of other friends who are burger lovers and I recently joined a group of them on a quest to Petey’s Burger, a new burger joint that opened recently in the Astoria section of Queens.   A few of us had heard about Petey’s and the thin patty, griddle-cooked burgers they offer, so off we went, on a Petey’s Burger quest.  They claim that their concept was conceived in Southern California.  Hmmmm . . . .

BOTM Interviewed for Article in BEEF Magazine

BOTM was contacted by a writer from the magazine BEEF, a popular German publication which specializes in steaks, meat, and of course burgers.  It's a cutting edge magazine that often features scantily clad women enjoying huge cuts of beef.  Political correctness would probably keep the magazine from crossing into our borders, but we can only hope.

Is a Pita Burger Really a Burger?

As promised in my blog last month, I will be preparing a different iteration of the “burger” each month (Check out my Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger and Pizza Burger) - and sharing not only the recipe with you – but also my opinions/thoughts/review.

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