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As our website says, our quest is to find the best burger in the 5 boroughs.  However, since I'm no longer a resident of the NYC, I thought I'd take the opportunity to mention a couple places that I've found north of the Big Apple that serve some pretty damn good hamburguesas.

A Visit To Louis' Lunch - the Place Many Agree Invented the Hamburger

Louis' Lunch

Opening in 1895, Louis' Lunch put itself on the map in 1900 with what they claim, and many agree, was the invention of the burger.  As Louis' explains:

"One day in the year 1900 a man dashed into a small New Haven luncheonette and asked for a quick meal that he could eat on the run. Louis Lassen, the establishment's owner, hurriedly sandwiched a broiled beef patty between two slices of bread and sent the customer on his way, so the story goes, with America's first hamburger."

Off the Beaten Path - Second Edition

Welcome to the second edition of Off the Beaten Path, where BOTM takes burger lovers somewhere they wouldn’t quite expect.  This edition is a tad different in that the place selected is actually a burger place, however, for BOTM it is certainly off the beaten path.

Rub's Dirty Little Secret

Rub Burger

Was thrilled to see an e-mail from Rev in early December rounding up the troops for our 3rd Burgercon.  This time, the group included Adam from A Hamburger Today, Rev & Jackie from Burger Conquest, George Motz from Hamburger America, Nick Solares from Beef Aficionado, Josh Ozersky from The Feedbag, and myself and Adam from BOTM.

A Rare Experience


Rare has a very special place in BOTM's history - it is the first place that the group officially visited back in 2005 upon formation.  Unfortunately, the group did not find the burger to live up to its lofty reputation.  But, that was five years ago, and fortunately I had reason to return. 

Lights, Camera, Eat It!

When the New York Times article came out in May of this year about the BOTM club, there were many different reactions.  Many supported us, suggested some of their own favorite haunts, and wished us well.  Others felt like we were doing nothing more than accelerating the demise of civilization as we know it.  Regardless of where you fell on the spectrum, it is evident that hamburgers are a big part of the American culture.  From Adam and Jason’s bacon cheeseburger grilled cheese sandwich, to Hubert Keller’s $5,000 FleurBurger at the Mandalay, hamburgers come in all shapes

Off the Beaten Path

Welcome to a new BOTM series entitled, “Off the Beaten Path”.  In this series we will attempt to locate, order, and eat burgers in places that you might not expect to find them.  We go into this series hoping for that hidden surprise, but know full well that we expect to find some burgers that are not exactly up to BOTM’s high standards.  It is a sacrifice that we are happy to make for our fans, however, and hope that you enjoy and of course benefit from our efforts.

What is a “burger"…… Really?

I say that the “burger” is actually the most flexibly and loosely defined food in the world – and I think that is why I am so intrigued by them.  It is not very easy to answer the question “what is a burger”.  Here is why it is so difficult.

At it’s core, a “burger” can be loosely defined the way that Webster’s dictionary defines it:

1. A sandwich consisting of a bun, a cooked beef patty, and often other ingredients such as cheese, onion slices, lettuce, or condiments. Often used in combination: a cheeseburger.

La Cense Burger Truck

On a sunny and breezy August day, Jed and Adam (and temporary BOTM member Mike) decided to check out the much hyped La Cense Burger Truck.  For those who don’t know, the La Cense Burger Truck is a new edition to the food cart/truck scene in New York.  La Cense is a company that owns its own ranch and specializes in grass fed beef using sustainable farming methods.  They say that their burgers are lower in fat and calories than conventional beef, and higher in beta-carotene and Omega-3 fatty acids, which are supposed to be good for you.  This summer they started cooking a

My Date with BOTM

Most 30-somethings in NYC have tried one form of online dating or matchmaking in their dating life - well recently I took it to the next level when one member of the BOTM club caught my eye while watching them on the Today Show.

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