How We Pick

There was a time when BOTM existed only for its 7 members. In those days, the selection process was a yearly competition among the various members to find the best burgers. The first seven months of the year was sort of the "regular season" wherein each member was assigned a month to pick. The members that picked the top five burgers during the regular season moved on to the playoffs, earning themselves one more pick in one of the remaining five months of the year, after which an annual champion was crowned.

Now all has changed. BOTM no longer exists just for its 7 members, but instead we also exist for our dedicated followers. To that end, we have divided up the year, allowing visitors to the site to pick five of the burgers we will try each year. How does this work you ask? Click the tab at the top of the page which reads "Suggest a Burger". Fill out and submit the form with your favorite burger.  Every other month we will try the burger that is suggested most . The other seven months of the year, we will make our own pick. So, the competition has grown. Will your suggested burgers beat ours? Welcome to the game…

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