Angelo and Maxie's

233 Park Ave S
New York, NY

Ranking: 53


This steakhouse, just north of Union Square in Manhattan, offers everything in one size: Large.  The drinks, steaks and even the noise, are all set on 'supersize'.  So, did we also find that to be true of the burger?  Of course.  More than a half pound (actually 10oz), the Sirloin burger looks like it was formed out of a mold.  Perfectly round and approximately an inch thick all around, the restaurant broils their burger which is then served on a thick, seedless, toasted, Kaiser Roll.  Cheddar or Swiss are you only two cheese options, but you can also add bacon, or sautéed onions or mushrooms.

The bacon taste overwhelmed the burger, (even though our server informed us that the burger has tomato juice added to the ground sirloin before cooking to add flavor and color).  That fact added to the expectation (which were not met) of a juicy burger.  The last few bites of the dryer portion of the burger (when the bun had started to fall apart) were mostly left on the plate of the various BOTM members.  The fries were the thinnest we have ever had but were extremely over seasoned, and in keeping with the 'large' theme of the restaurant, each plate was overloaded with them (it was almost like we each got a burger with our fry order).  The thought here:  Stick with the steak at Angelo and Maxis.

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