Black Iron Burger

540 East 5th Street
New York, NY

Ranking: 10


If you're looking for a good burger that is relatively new to the NYC burger scene, head down to 5th street between A and B to Black Iron Burger Shop. With about 10 small tables and 10 seats at the bar, this isn't a huge place, but this is one time when size doesn't matter. Your $7 burger comes with three choices of cheese (cheddar - $1, horseradish cheddar - $1.50 or blue - $1) and optional bacon ($1.50), chili ($1.50) and/or grilled onions ($.50). Add fries, veg fries (lightly battered deep friend string beans which I wouldn't have even mentioned if they weren't deep fried), onion rings, coleslaw or beans for $3 or $4.

This grill cooked burger is served on a silver platter with tinfoil on top and packs a big punch. Sitting comfortably between two halves of a toasted sesame bun is a nicely sized patty that is juicy, full of flavor and covered in cheese. My medium rare burger could have been slightly more cooked, but if that is all I have to complain about, I am a happy burger eater.

Wash down your burger with a beer from a nice selection of non-traditional beers or hold out for a shake or malt at the end of the meal ($5 or $6).

BOTM line (yes, I did just do that), if you like burgers, Black Iron Burger Shop makes one you want to try.


Black Iron Burger--Mezzo Mezzo

I was really looking forward to the burgerat Black Iron  Burger because it's in the neighborhood but I was a little disappointed.  The meat didn't seem to have any seasoning and was dry. Probably as good as "A good burger" fast food place but nothing special.  I really enjoyed the pub-like atmosphere though.  Nice selection of beer and great music.

Flavor! Flavor! Flavor

What more can I say?  This burger has great flavor.  I have had almost all the burgers on the BOTM's top 10 list and while I like most of them, Black Iron Burger's burger has to be one of the best flavored on the list.

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