BLT Burger

470 6th Avenue
New York, NY

Ranking: 36


BLT Burger on 6th Avenue in the village is Laurent Tourondel's self-proclaimed "interpretation of the classic American burger joint."  They serve a pretty wide variety of burgers here including traditional beef, kobe, lamb and turkey.  On the menu BLT states, "Our 100% Certified Black Angus beef burgers are a combination of sirloin, short rib, chuck and brisket cut and are served on a soft bun with tomato, red onion, iceburg lettuce and pickles."  We all agreed this was a quality place with a fun, somewhat swanky atmosphere. The beef burgers are available in a few configurations ("classic" 5oz. version, "BLT" 7oz w/ bacon and cheese) but in keeping with our style we pretty much stuck with the "BLT" version.  Cheese varieties include Blue, Vermont Cheddar, American, Swiss and Monterey Jack…with most of us sticking with Cheddar there were a few other selections. Reviews came out mixed, perhaps due to a bit of difficulty achieving the right temperatures on many of the burgers as they came out. For those of us that liked it I think you'd agree with Tourondel's proclamation…it is his "interpretation" of the classic…it really tastes like the classic American cheeseburger that you might cook at home on your outdoor grill but with some slightly fancier ingredients.  For those on the lower ranking side, temperature was a killer as was the "lack of flavor" in the beef vs. the numerous toppings.  I think you'll find this place to be a solid performer for a long time and will certainly end up in the top half of our rankings list for a long-time as well.

PS – if you go, don't forget to order a combo with a milkshake, the fries are good (McD's style) and the shakes are a great old school addition to the meal.


deserves higher rank

BLT Burger is so insanely good. The fries are mcd's style but better (and i LOVE me some miccy D fries) and dont neglect the waffle fries which are spicy and delish.  I love the blue cheese burger and have recently become obsessed with the tex mex burger. the avocado is surprisingly fresh.  The burgers are big and juicy, but what sets them apart are the buns.   You can get delivery, also, and it is still good. Usually I wouldnt recommend a delivery burger, but they make it work.  BLT is on the very top of my list and is way better than JG Mellon, PJ Clarke's and some other places on this list. Dont be deterred by the low rank. It is amazing.

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