Blue Smoke

116 E 27th St
New York, NY

Ranking: 31


Okay, we are seeing a bit of a trend here. NYC BBQ joints tend to serve up a pretty good burger. I guess it makes sense, they are all about smoking and grilling food – and Blue Smoke is no different. While the burger did not blow us away, it held its own. It is currently ranked pretty much in the dead middle of our list – which is not a bad place to be. We found the burger to have a trace of a smoky flavor but the flavor wasn’t very distinct. It is served on a pretty hardy bun, bacon was optional and fries came along for the ride. The burger was a bit undercooked for my "medium well" taste but the others in the group seemed to enjoy the fact that they air on the pink side of the temperature. All in all, Blue smoke is a fun place to eat and you won’t leave dissatisfied if you have the burger but I think if I went back, I would try the ribs instead.

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