Bobby Van's Grille

25 Broad Street
New York, NY

Ranking: 5


The vault that used to house J.P. Morgan fortune now houses one of the best burgers in NYC. Just around the corner from the more formal Bobby Van’s Restaurant on Broad Street is a staircase that leads underground to Bobby Van’s Grille. Walking inside is like stepping back into the past. The entrance is initially unassuming until you notice the giant bank vault door leading into the vault which houses the balance of the tables – walls lined with hundreds of old safety deposit boxes.

We are happy to report that the burger is a great treat on a menu filled with typical steakhouse fare. The 12 ounce burger, comprised of prime beef, is prepared perfectly to order, with add-ons that include bacon and Swiss cheese. The burger is served on a giant white bread bun, and is available with bacon. Served with the Grille's excellent fries and fried onions, the meal is huge! The burger has great flavor and is juicy throughout. The bun holds up well, absorbing all of the juices, making for a delicious experience.


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Bobby Van's Park at 46th St.

No burger on the lunch menu at this branch of BV's, but our waiter, without much enthusiasm, said they would make burgers for three, if we were willing to wait as they had to be made from scratch.  No problem.  The wait, not that long, was worth it--as we had three outstanding burgers, right on the medium rare marker.No cheese or bacon, but the tomato, oinion, pickles added.  The fries were solid but the onions modest in taste.  The burgers par excellence.

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