Café D’Alsace

1695 2nd Avenue
New York, NY

Ranking: 46


Picking Café D'Alsace as a BOTM choice was a surprise.  The Restaurant, whose traditional menu focuses on German/Alsatian fare, offers a burger and over 50 beers.  The burger looked promising; 10oz of 100% sirloin, grilled with sautéed onions and Alsatian muenster cheese (although cheddar and gruyere were options).  Although toasted, the seedless bun was soft and went well with the burger (accompanied with the usual lettuce and tomato).  The fries were thin but not exactly shoestring, but were slightly undercooked.  Unfortunately the burger lacked taste, and the last few bites were eaten just to finish it rather then for the enjoyment (maybe a few bacon slices would have helped but our waitress was afraid to ask the kitchen to add bacon since it was not a normal burger topping, even though it was available in other dishes on the menu!).  The thought here is, stick with the German/Alsatian fare and if you want a burger, go to Genesis Bar and Restaurant (#8 on the BOTM's top ten list) across the street and a half a block north).

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