Del Friscos

1221 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY

Ranking: 25


Del Frisco’s Double-Eagle Steak House is not the place one might think to go grab a burger in NYC (or in any of the other 8 cities that this restaurant has locations). Hell, the burger isn’t even on the dinner menu (it IS on the bar menu though) and doesn’t get nearly as much press at the killer steaks and one of this reviewer’s favorite desserts, the biggest piece of lemon cake you’ll ever see (can be ordered off the menu in the NYC location)…we recommend sharing it. Visiting on our usual Monday night, the place was packed (despite this global recession we’re having) but our wait was short and our reservation for 7 was seated a circular table on the 2nd floor balcony area overlooking the lower floor and 6th ave (a nice spot).  The onion rings appetizer was probably the first indication of what we were in for here…they were HUGE. I’m talking wear’em as a bracelet (if that’s your bag baby) HUGE. I ate 2 and thought I was full already. Then came the burgers. Holy !@#$. 10oz never looked so big. Dave held it up to take his first bite and I honestly could only see his ears poking out from either side of it.  To set the scene, we all ordered bacon cheeseburgers…all with cheddar except Jed who was a bit more daring with Blue. When they came out it was with a full supporting plate of lettuce, tomato, raw onion, pickle and potato chips. Now normally the BOTM would shun the lack of fries, but not this time. The chips were plentyful, clearly cooked in-house and really great. But back to the burger, did I say it was HUGE yet. Honestly, not since Denny’s 4yrs ago have I been in awe of the size of a burger.  The beef though is where a burger is made or broken and here is where it all breaks down, literally. About half the group loved it. Literally top 10. The other half, not at all. Some felt it had the “mealy” consistency of a rotten apple (now that’s rough). Others felt it was a great sirloin burger from a great steakhouse. While we often have mixed results, it’s not typical for us to be this far apart in terms of like-dislike…making this reviewer’s job even harder to give the group opinion. To sum it up I’ll put it this way: this will be a top 15 place for the BOTM and if you’re in the mood for an enormous amount of beef, a great steakhouse atmosphere and don’t want to pay $40+ for your entrée I’d say the BOTM recommends Del Frisco’s…just make sure you come hungry.

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