Donovan's Pub

57-24 Roosevelt Avenue
Queens, NY

Ranking: 2


There is a reason why Donovan's consistently ranks in the top-ten for NYC burger reviews.  Just a ten-minute 7 train ride/two-minute walk from Grand Central Station, this Queens mainstay delivers top-quality meat, perfectly cooked to your liking.  The size of the burger is generous (to say the least), nicely complemented by a soft bun which effectively absorbs the juicy drippings, and very affordable.  The interior oozes old-world charm that only adds to the experience.


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Great Burger

Definitely agree with the comment below.  Donovan’s burger is awesome and is certainly worth getting off the 7 train for.  Every time I go to a Met game, I try to plan time for a Donavan’s pit stop.

Worth Going To A Mets Game

The best thing about going to a Mets game is the fact that Donovan's is right on the way.  The burger is great!!!  Even as a Yankee fan I like going to Mets games now (just recently discovered Donovan's when I heard about the BOTM - THANKS GUYS) because I get a chance to eat the burger at Donovan's.

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