1708 2nd Ave
New York, NY

Ranking: 8


The Burger at Genesis Bar and Restaurant on Manhattan's Upper East Side is outstanding! First and foremost, every burger we ordered was cooked exactly to order (ranging from medium rare to well done). The half pound, grilled sirloin burger fits perfectly on the seeded bun and is always juicy. Toppings offered consist of various cheeses, including cheddar, Swiss, American, jack and blue cheese, as well as sautéed onions or mushrooms and frizzled onions or bacon. The excellent fries, hand cut and made fresh every day, are perfectly seasoned. Be sure to try the classic Bacon Cheddar Burger, which includes bacon that is cooked to a perfect crisp to complement the beef and cheese. Take advantage of the fact that Genesis is an Irish pub and wash it down with a nice Smithwick’s!

Hint #1: Monday night is burger night when Genesis offers eight burger specials in addition to the seven normally on the menu. From the traditional menu, (along with the previously mentioned Bacon Cheddar Burger), also look out for the popular Genesis Burger (Blue cheese, Chorizo and Frizzled Onions) and if you like your burger on toast, you can't beat the Four Points Burger. (Hint #2: Be sure to add bacon to this four cheese offering to enjoy what must have been heaven-sent from the Burger Gods)!



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Thats really nice looking

Thats really nice looking burger and i did really want to try it for once. I will try this in my Milan Hotels and add it in the menu if i like it. Regards, --john--

Hit or miss:(

I recently had a burger at Genesis with a friend and while her burger was perfectly cooked and delicious, mine was way overcooked and dry. Seems like a consistency issue.

Genesis has probably the best

Genesis has probably the best burger on the UES.  I prefer my burgers medium rare to rare and everytime I order a burger, they come out perfect!   I basically eat there at least once or twice a week...always consistent.  Great staff and down to earth bar's why I call Genesis my home away from home.  

Love this burger

Been going to Genesis for a while and love their burger.  Always cooked perfectly and very juicy.  I like that they have a variety of burgers to choose from so there is something for everyone – especially on Monday with that extra burger menu.  Whenever I go with a group of friends everyone finds a burger they like.  The BOTM guys got it right with this place.  Nice to see that other people have found this burger . . .

Cooked Properly and Great Service

I have been to Genesis a number of times and I am surprised to hear about the experience nyladyesq had.  My burger has always been cooked to order and it always tastes great.. and the service is always great as well.

Sounds like you need to go back

 Genesis has never disapointed me.  go back on a non-holiday and I am sure you will love it.

Almost three strikes...

We went to Genesis for lunch today to try out their burgers. Maybe the regular chef is off on Sundays, and it was Father's Day after all, but it took them until the third try to get it right. First of all, although female, I'm a bit of a burger freak myself, and my big pet peeve is about getting the temperature right. I ordered my burger medium rare. It came well done. Brown through and through, no pink at all. I sent it back, asking for some pink, and the second burger came back raw. I mean it was really inedible, and I hesitated to send it back again (frankly, I was worried about what kind of "topping" the chef would put on it if I did), so I let it just sit on my plate. The manager came over and asked about it, and when I showed him how raw it was, he took it away and said he'd make sure they got it right.  My friend ordered her burger medium and it came well done with no pink at all (but she ate hers and didn't send it back). Everyone there was totally nice and apologetic about it (we were friendly about it, so that helped I think), and the manager came over and made sure it was right the third time around (by then I had eaten two plates of fries and wasn't so hungry anymore).  The third burger was cooked correctly and seasoned nicely, but it came with a single limp white piece of iceberg lettuce and a not ripe slice of tomato. The place was not busy so can't blame it on that. It would've been nice if they had at least comp'ed our sodas....

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