800 2nd Avenue
New York, NY

Ranking: 18


For a burger from a restaurant ‘chain’, we we’re extremely impressed with GoodBurger. Actually, ‘chain’ is a strong word. There are only a few GoodBurger locations in New York City and we ranked the one on 54th Street and Lexington Ave.

It was clear that everything was fresh. Made from 100% Hereford beef, the burgers are grilled to order and can come with yellow and white cheddar cheese. The standard lettuce, pickles and tomatoes accompany the burger, which can also be ordered with grilled or crispy onions, as well as bacon. Served in a GoodBurger ‘pouch’, once your order number is called, you can settle into a burger that is well cooked and offers a nice taste. Amazingly, each of our burgers looked exactly the same; perfectly round, smooth edges, and about ¾ in think (almost as if they were made from a mold). The toasted bun went will with the size of the burger and the traditional fries completed a ‘good’ burger effort (although onion rings and cheese fries are available as well)

When the group tallied each individual ranking, the burger slid nicely into the top third of all the burgers we’ve reviewed. A few things to keep an eye out for if you’re interested; you can get a whole pickle as a side, and the drinks are great. Be sure to try a milkshake or egg cream to enjoy the GoodBurger experience; we certainly did!

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