Hundred Acres Restaurant & Bar

33 MacDougal Street
New York, NY

Ranking: 32


Hundred Acres on MacDougal Street serves up a very interesting burger. What I am about to tell you will make the burger sound like it is going to be a top 10 but for some reason, when we all ate it, we agreed that it wasn’t as good as it should have been based on how the burger is made. I had done some digging before I recommended that the group try this place. And here is what I found. "Marc Meyer, chef and co-owner, found a farm in Virginia, Deblyn, part of the EcoFriendly Foods co-op, that raises a limited number of animals on grass and finishes them on grain. The co-op then ages the meat for 4 to 8 weeks and sells quarters to Meyer. He coarsely grinds neck and shoulder meat and puts six ounces of it on a Tom Cat bakery brioche-like bun. Meyer then takes a slice of sublime Goot Essa cheddar, adds some Vidalia onion mayo, and a side order of skin-on fries" After reading this, I was sure I had a slam dunk top-10er on my hands. PLAYOFFS HERE I COME!! Not so….. While the meat was juicy, the flavor was very bland, the bun didn’t really hold up and for this privilege, we each paid $18. Sorry Mr. Meyer, this one didn’t work for us very well. If you do find yourself at Hundred acres, try to get it cooked a little more than usual and lose the fancy cheese (just my thoughts)


Whatever the time of day, the

Whatever the time of day, the newly renovated hundred acre bar provides the perfect setting to eat, drink and relax with good company. Perhaps it’s an early breakfast or a cappuccino at one of the long communal tables.  Catering Equipment

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