Island Burgers and Shakes

766 9th Avenue

Ranking: 55


As a former resident of the Hell's Kitchen area, I was fortunate enough to have Island Burger and Shakes at the ready in case I needed a burger fix.  Although I had a sub-par delivery experience from there (burger delivery is not easy to do, never held that against them), it was always reliable, and the menu makes for very interesting reading.  I also happen to be a fan of the Southern Cali feel (decor, music, etc.)

57, that's right, 57 different burgers or churascos (grilled chicken sandwiches) to choose from.  Everything from a basic cheese burger, to a sans spud, to a pizza burger.  Depending on the complexity of your order, a burger will run you anywhere from $8 to $11 (which includes lettuce, onion and pickle).  Island offers different types of dirty potato chips, rather than french fries or onion rings.  The bun varies depending on your order.

I was very excited to partake one more time, and even more excited when my burger was served (see pic), but something was clearly missing at the first bite - TASTE.  We didn't have our full group there, but of those that were, everyone had the same comment, there was no taste.  Only 2 of us ordered the same burger, but everyone had the same comment.  While I'll never give up on Island, I'm not sure I'll be heading back there anytime soon.

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