Jackson Hole

521 3rd Avenue
New York, NY

Ranking: 54


Jackson Hole is a chain of restaurants with its base being a small diner at the end of one of LaGuardia Airport's runways.  Jackson Hole advertises that it is "famous" for it's 7 ounce burgers, though ours were much bigger than that.  It also advertises that their burgers are made to order, which is not the case.

The burgers are large round meatball shaped mounds of meat that are placed on a flattop, and then covered with a metal dome so that they "steam" cook.  The result is a grey colored burger with no discernable char.  While they state that their burgers are cooked to order, ours came to us within seconds of ordering as we watched already cooked patties on the flattop simply topped with the toppings of our choice.  The toppings they offer, by the way, are almost limitless.

The resulting burger resembled a meatloaf on a bun, with very little flavor that's difficult to eat given the patties' round shape.  While the choices of toppings are fun, they do not rescue this one.

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