179 West Broadway
New York, NY

Ranking: 7


The Landmarc burger was a pleasant surprise for us.  We were a little hesitant given the surroundings, it's a nice place but not exactly a restaurant where a group of guys ordering burgers would flock.  Nevertheless, they make an excellent burger.
The patty itself is loosly packed and well seasoned.  Each of our burgers was grilled perfectly.  The cheese was appropriately melted onto the burger rather than the bun, and the selection of cheese was interesting, including a sharp gruyere and smoked mozzerella.  The bun held the burger intact, but was also soft and buttery.  Most of us ordered bacon, and this proved a little difficult because it came in a side dish as chunks rather than slices that can top a burger.  This made eating it a little difficult, but who are we to argue with a side of bacon chunks.
The fries were crispy and also well seasoned.  And the house made pickles added a nice touch.  Some of us tried to sneak bites of the accompanying salad, but were quickly, and appropriately, chastised.  Overall it was a good burger, worth repeat trips.

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