McHales has closed.
New York, NY

Ranking: 1000


McHales, before it closed down, was the king of the colossal size burger with a pile of bacon and ample cheese on a large bun. If you were starving and found yourself in the theater district, this place did the trick. It was located in a nice little corner hole in the wall on 8th Avenue. During busy meal ruses, it was difficult to find a table but the waits were never astronomical. When you sat down, chances are you were a bit claustrophobic but they did the best with the space they had. McHales was very much a place that burger enthusiasts either loved or hated – no in-between. Some would review it as an oversized flavorless beef patty. I personally preferred to review it as one of my favorites. It always came out loosely packed with enough bacon to build your own pig out of (and I operate under the motto of "you can never have to much bacon"). But I will say, the BOTM was split in their review of McHales, placing it at #25 on our list (before it closed and was removed from the rankings). But none of it matters because if you haven’t had it, you never will.  I personally think you missed out and I hope they re-open.

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