287 3rd Ave
New York, NY

Ranking: 21


You might walk right by Molly's as you walk down the street, but that would be a mistake, because they have an excellent burger inside.  Molly's is an old school Irish bar, it's dark, quiet, and has sawdust on the floor.  They pour a great pint of Guinness, and make an extremely satisfying burger.

When you order the burger be prepared to sit for a while, because it's big.  It’s about 10 ounces of loosely packed sirloin and you can get it with your choice of cheese (cheddar, American, swiss, mozzarella, or blue), bacon, mushrooms, etc. What’s nice is that this burger comes with fries or onion rings which is not usually an option, and it’s reasonably priced. The bun held it all together and all of our burgers were cooked to the temperature we desired.

In the end Molly’s makes a great pub burger, and the bar itself is a great place to spend either a cold and rainy day, or, a nice quiet night.

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