Nolita House

47 E Houston St # A
New York , NY

Ranking: 56


The burger at Nolita House was very disappointing.  Selected ‘blind’, (none of us had ever been there – the selection was based on a recommendation), the burger lacked taste and was served on a large, dense bun that almost outweighed the burger itself.  The restaurant’s kitchen could not make eight burgers at once so half of the group was served and ate while the other half waited for the next four burgers to be cooked.  We noticed  that the menu had bacon in some of its dishes, but not as an option on the burger, but when we asked to add bacon to our burgers order, we were told that that was not possible.  Most restaurants put a burger on their menu, and some (as we have reviewed) do a great job with it.  It seems however, that while Nolita House may have some other good dishes on their menu, they are just going through the motions with their burger effort.

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