Peter Luger's

178 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY

Ranking: 1


Okay - all evidence would lead you to believe that Peter Lugers in Brooklyn would not have a magnificent burger. They are known for amazing steak and thick cut bacon - not hamburgers. They don't even include the burger on the dinner menu - you can only have one at lunch time. And if you dare to order it at lunch time, the waiters treat you like a Lugers rookie. We, however, heard that they actually have a burger with a pretty big reputation - so we had to get the gang together pack our bags, renew our passports and crossed the river to Brooklyn for a special Saturday lunchtime meeting of the BOTM club. So let's get to it...... When the burgers came out, they came with a slice or raw onion & French fries (and I ordered it with the bacon and cheese). When I took the first bite, it was like a party of flavor exploded.

I looked around the table to find that the others (who typically hold their cards pretty close to their chests until the meal is done and we can discuss it as a group) were clearly having the same experience. In the same way that Lugers mastered steak, they also mastered the burger. This is a must have for burger enthusiasts who are willing to deal with the arrogant wait staff and are able to avoid the temptation of ordering the steak instead - I promise it is worth the flight out to Brooklyn.


bad burger

I went there for a friends birthday, and in Lugers's defense, I ordered the burger past the time at which lunch finishes and dinner starts. Well, I wish I was refused the burger, as it was completely overcooked (I ordered it cooked medium, expected a pink middle, and was disappointed to find only dark brown) and sub par. Too bad, I expected something extraordinary, but from now on, if I want a good burger, I know Lugers is not the restaurant.

Great Burger

Totally agree with BurgerGuy - Steaks are so-so, as is the service.  But the burger is tough to beat!  And the price is completely unbeatable for this good a burger.

Honestly the best burger I

Honestly the best burger I have ever had

Burgers Better Than Steaks

I don't love the steaks and the service is definitely questionable, but I have to agree with these guys.  The burger is great and absolutely worth the trip!

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