Pig N Whistle

922 3rd Ave
New York, NY

Ranking: 23


The Pig N Whistle on Third Avenue is one of a handful of Pig N Whistle restaurants in the City, primarily known as a lunch and happy hour spot for young midtown suits not yet ready for the dark steakhouses and gin martinis. It’s a lively pseudo Irish bar that’s a little more upscale than most, though it has plenty of TV’s and noise.

This burger here caused a great deal of debate amongst the crew.  Some guys loved it, while others ranked it quite low.  It’s 10 ounces of Hereford beef and came out looking promising. The kitchen assembles it very well making it visually appealing. You get your choice of bacon, mozzarella, swiss, American, cheddar and blue cheese.  The burger itself was quite large, cooked right, but the bacon was limp, and did not compliment the burger.  The poorly cooked bacon was the primary cause for a number of the low rankings. There is a nice selection of cheese and toppings, and the fries that accompanied the burger but were served French style in a separate container were very good, hot and crispy and well seasoned. 

We agreed that we loved their sampler platter of appetizers.  In the end Pig N Whistle is not a destination burger, but works well in a pinch, or if you’re very hungry.

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