P.J. Clarke's

915 3rd Avenue
New York, NY

Ranking: 29


PJ Clark’s is considered by many to be a New York institution. It’s a small two story building in midtown surrounded by skyscrapers that house some of New York’s biggest banks and law firms. The building itself has been around for about 130 years and the restaurant has done a good job of keeping it simple despite the fact that some of New York’s fanciest restaurants are just blocks away. The bar is plain wood, the tablecloths are red & white checkered.

As is usually the case at PJ Clark’s you have to wait for a table, no matter when you go it seems that it’s always busy. The burger is not the monster size burger that is served at most bars and restaurants in the midtown area, rather it’s a 5 – 6 ounce patty that came out of the kitchen rather quickly. Like the restaurant there is nothing fancy about this burger, the meat is ground chuck, the bun is plain white, the default cheese is yellow American, and it comes with a slice of tomato and onion (nothing else). The burger does not come with fries, those are sold separately which inevitably begins the debate at the table of whether burgers should always come with fries.

PJ Clark’s is a good old school burger. Most people likely come for the old school ambiance and tolerate the sandwich, but while decent, it’s not a destination burger. It is, however, a fun place that’s worth visiting at least once.

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