381 Park Avenue South
New York, NY

Ranking: 4


Great burgers don't often come with a great story, but Primehouse New York offers both. Lets start with the story. Living in Creekstone Farms in Kentucky is a bull named Prime and rumor has it (which was confirmed at the restaurant) that he fathers the meat that is served there. Now onto the burger. As with many other steak restaurants, Primehouse serves a burger that is only on the lunch menu. Unlike many other steak restaurants though, if you ask nicely, there is a pretty good chance they will serve it to you for dinner. In the end, whether you have to go for lunch or dinner, it doesn't matter. Just make sure you go.

Thick is the name of the game when it comes to burgers at Primehouse. Thick burger, thick bacon and thick steak fries… and they all taste good. This juicy burger (you can see the juice dripping out of the burger when it is delivered to your table) comes on a toasted sesame seed bun with your choice of cheddar, blue or muenster cheese and can be topped with grilled onions and/or mushrooms. If you choose to top your burger with any of these options, be prepared to use your knife and fork because it will be piled so high that you will probably have trouble keeping it together.

The thing that differentiates this burger from many others out there is that the minute you bite into it you can taste the high quality of meat that goes into it. My burger could have used a bit more seasoning and I think medium rare is a bit closer to medium at Primehouse, but all in all this was a burger worth going back for (which I have done a few times already).


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Had the burger here twice.  The first time it was phenomenal (perfectly cooked, juicy, tasty).  The second time it was way overcooked and dry.

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