157 Avenue C
Manhattan, NY

Ranking: 9


The group's BOTM night at Royale was unlike any other, as this was the night that we were being filmed by the Today Show.  We knew this night was going to be completely different right from the get-go, having to walk into the restaurant three times so we can be viewed at three different angles.  Greeting us once we walked in was the smiling Today Show host Jenna Wolf and her production crew, two cameras, lights, and a boom microphone.  Usually when we walk into a place we're greeted with the look of "oh great, 7 dorky guys who are likely going to bother us".  On our way to our seats we passed the kitchen and were given a preview of what's to come, the burgers being cooked looked quite good searing away on the flatop.  We sat on an outside patio which is a nice feature of this restaurant on a cool clear night.

After about 30 minutes of interviews we were finally ready to get down to the business for which we came, the ordering and eating of burgers.  Our waitress was great, very patient considering the circumstances, and quick to bring out our beverages which we always appreciate.  One of the highlights on that front was the Pork Slap Ale which came in a can.
We all, including the non-meating Jenna, ordered our usual, bacon cheeseburgers cooked to varying degrees of temperature.  Jenna didn't order bacon and cheese but having not eaten meat for five years prior we forgave her.  The fries and onion rings were sold separately, and therefore we got a few orders of each.
It didn't take too long before our burgers arrived, and we were happy when they did.  They were nicely prepared, the golden toasted TomKat bun with lots of sesame seeds showed off a good 7 - 8 ounce patty with your choice of American, Cheddar, or Blue cheese, and some very nice, well placed, bacon.  Lettuce, tomato, and onion were quickly disposed of by some, Jenna and others placed the salad on their burger.  The patty itself was well seasoned and cooked to the proper temperature for the most part.  The meat retained its juiciness and the bun never gave way holding the sandwich together as it should.
The fries were thin and quite good, the onion rings were a bit greasy and the coating didn't stick to the onion.  The staff correctly recommended three orders of each for us, but our eyes were bigger than that, as they usually are, and we went with more but couldn't finish all the sides.  Jenna, however, to her credit, finished her burger with gusto, and despite not being a meat eater was a great sport.
In the end, the burgers were very good, and the night was great.  We had a wonderful time at Royale, and are grateful to the owner and staff for accommodating us, as well as Jenna and her crew for making us feel comfortable and having fun with us.  As you can see from the ranking Royale was well liked, and is recommended by the BOTM guys.


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Feels Like Cheers

Something about this place makes it feel like you are waiting for Norm to come walking through the front door.  On top of that, the burgers are great, the staff is friendly and the customers are loyal and don't stop talking about how good the burgers are (that has to be a good sign). 

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