Shake Shack

E 23rd St & Madison Ave
New York, NY

Ranking: 26


If you are a burger fan, and you live in or around NYC, you have probably tried Shake Shack at one time or another. Our first visit to SS was back in July 2006. Overall a very disappointing visit. Simply did not live up to its big reputation.

I am happy to say, that I (Jason) revisited the Shake Shack in May 2009 during a lunch with the folks from A Hamburger Today and Burger Conquest. I am pleased to say, for me, this visit was much better. While still not a top burger on our list (the reputation carries this burger further that than the burger itself), it is certainly worthy of a visit. Be warned, however, the line for a burger in the summer on a good weather day can be prohibitive. My last visit yielded a one hour wait (at least 200 people on line ahead of me) – and the burger is simply not worth the hour.

The burger is served in a white paper wrapping delivered on a cardboard tray. Take the tray to one of the tables in the park (if you can find an empty one), and park yourself there. I had the Double Shake Burger which includes two medium size patties, melted American cheese, a slice of tomato, lettuce, and their own special Shake sauce (sort of a mayo hybrid). I also asked for onion which is delivered on the side for you to add once you sit down. (pickles are also available on the side). They did not ask me how I wanted my burger cooked, and I did not request it any specific way. Others in the group did, though in the end, it did not matter. They all came out medium-well (which is exactly how I like it, though others in the group seemed a bit put off by this.) The burgers are not juicy at all, but also do not have a dried out taste. The bun is a simple white bread bun – no seeds.

The burger does not come with fries. I ordered fries on the side. Sort of the old school ridged fries. Not bad, but not a highlight either. Others in the group ordered shakes, and could not stop raving about them. I cannot attest, as I did not have one.

Overall, an enjoyable burger, but not nearly worth the long wait unless you have absolutely nothing better to do.


Big Fan of this Burger

I am a big fan of this burger.  I understand the wait can be a bit overwhelming at times, but there is a reason for that.  The wait is rewarded with one of the best burgers in the city!

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