Spotted Pig

314 W 11th St
New York, NY

Ranking: 51


Aside from being the home to many celebrities every night at dinner time, this Greenwich Village gem is also home to some pretty tasty blue cheese burgers. The problem is that because of the celebrities, it is relatively hard to get a table (much less a table for 7 which is what we did). When we finally got in, and ordered their signature burger, they came out of the kitchen and to our table cooked to temperature. From the visible grill lines, you can tell they are grilled rather than broiled or baked (which is always a plus). The problem with the burger is that it unfortunately is overpowered by the flavor of the blue cheese. The burger itself gets no play on your taste buds because of the cheese. I think if they had other cheese options, the burger would have ranked higher but the way we ate it, it didn’t do so hot. Maybe we will re-eat there one day when they expand the cheese options because I have a feeling they are doing everything else right. This burger has good potential. Maybe order it with no cheese at all if you are going to try it.


Spotted Pig

I have had the Pig's burger many times. I order it without the cheese and it is far better than your ranking of 41. Why you clowns didn't think to omit the cheese is beyond me. If you are so concerned about the add-ons overpowering the meat, why do you consistantly order bacon/cheeseburgers? Quite the contradiction in your judging criteria.Clearly you guys do not know how to evaluate food. I no longer live in NY so I haven't eaten many of the burgers on your list, but I do know that it's pretty much a joke. Good gimmick for attracting attention to yourselves, though.BTW there is an easy way to get a table at the Spotted Pig. I have never had to awit in about a dozen visits.

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