24 E. 12th Street
New York, NY

Ranking: 43


Stand shares a similar menu to BLT Burger which is nearby.  Burgers, fries, shakes, floats, flavored sodas, etc.  It's a "fast food" model in a sit down restaurant.  One interesting item that they offer that separates them from the rest is that they have a "burger soup", and as we say at BOTM the more things burger, the better.

The burger is a 6 - 7 ounce patty and comes with your choice of American, cheddar, or blue cheese.  As is the custom at BOTM we also added bacon, of course.  The burgers come with onion, lettuce, tomato, pickle, and a homemade ketchup and dijon mustard.  A few of us are adverse to the restaurant building our burgers for us so there were some modifications made.  Fries and onion rings are sold seperately, which turn off some in the crew.

The burger itself was well cooked, juicy, and held together well.  The fries and rings were quite good.  The bacon seemed to get lost in the burger and didn't add much flavor.

Over all it's a fun place to go for a burger and a shake, but not somewhere we are going to run back to.

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