Westville East

173 Avenue A
New York, NY

Ranking: 19


From the minute my friend heards about the BOTM Club, I got constant e-mails and phone calls about the burger at Westville. While I wanted to check it out, a table for seven would have been hard to come by. Eventually I decided to try Westville East, the larger of the two restaurants and was not disappointed.

The 8 oz. char-grilled burger comes on a Portuguese muffin, which some members of the group enjoyed and others could have done without. The patty is a good size, although the muffin is a bit too big for it.

The burger is a good value and comes with fries (regular or sweet potato) for $9. Cheese (cheddar or mozzarella), bacon and grilled onions can be added for $1 more, and avocado or mushrooms can be added for $1.50.

The burger was cooked to order, but it wasn’t overly juicy and while it tasted good, it didn’t have a flavor that stood out.

There is something about the menu that gives the place a home cooking feeling and the burger definitely tasted like it could have been cooked in your backyard (for those who aren’t sure, that is a good thing).

While you won’t find this burger on many top NYC burger lists, it is one of those sleepers that is worth visiting.

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