White Horse Tavern

567 Hudson Street
New York, NY

Ranking: 46


A little online research leads you to believe that White Horse Tavern servers up a pretty good burger.  Well we certainly didn't see it that way.  The burger is economical ($7.25 for a hamburger and $7.95 for a cheeseburger) and comes with steak fries, but I guess this is one of those times when you get what you pay for.

Choose from four different cheeses (cheddar, American, Swiss or mozzarella) and add bacon for $1 more… but if you like crisp bacon I would skip the bacon on this burger.  Standard topics include lettuce, tomato and pickles.

Served on a toasted bun, this burger is big but doesn't have much flavor.  Additionally, it is more greasy than it is juicy and it appears that medium rare is rare at White Horse Tavern.

To sum it up, if you're looking for a place to drink with some friends and you live in the neighborhood, White Horse Tavern will do the trick.  However, if you're looking for a good burger, you probably want to try someplace else.


B - A - D ! ! !

I can't even begin to describe how much I disliked this burger.  The first time I had it was so bad that I went home feeling sick.  I decided to give it another try recently (a year later) and it was even WORSE.  My medium rare burger was raw and tasted horrible.  I would have been better off at a fast food chain.

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