Wildwood BBQ

225 Park Avenue
New York, NY

Ranking: 24


Wildwood is one of the many well respected BR Guest restaurants in the City.  It’s a very large restaurant that has an enormous bar that almost runs the length of the restaurant.  It’s primarily a barbeque place which you can smell instantly when you walk in the door, but the menu is varied and has broad appeal.

The burger itself delighted some and disappointed others.  It’s a big burger, around 8 – 10 ounces of a mix of brisket and sirloin, and cooked on a grill.  The burger patty itself was cooked well, but with all the toppings that they offer, and are difficult to refuse, the burger got quite messy, and the bun did not keep it together.  Most of us ordered the “Big Lou BBQ Burger” which has BBQ sauce, jack cheese, bacon, onions and mushrooms, and most of us walked out wearing some portion of the burger on our shirts.  They also offer a chili burger which again is tasty, but has the same effect.

In the end most of us agreed that it's a BBQ restaurant, and they should stick to it.  One of the highlights was the Frank's Red Hot Wings that preceded the burger, they are a must have.

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