72 Nassau Street
New York, NY

Ranking: 34


Zaitzeff is a unique burger experience serving up a burger that is not comparable to a traditional burger. Offering quarter-pound or half-pound burgers, customers have the choice of sirloin beef or Kobe beef (American Wagyn Beef). The burgers are all grass fed which is supposed to provide a more tender beef. We sampled both the sirloin and Kobe burgers, and by far, the sirloin burger provides a more enjoyable experience. The Kobe burger had an awkward taste not worth the extra money. The burger is served on a toasted Portuguese muffin (sort of a large English muffin) making this burger quite unique. The burgers are served on a flat iron griddle which is visible from the counter where you place your order. The burger is served with lettuce and thick sliced tomato. You can also add white cheddar, grilled onion, bacon, avocado and even sausage. The burger is served medium unless you request otherwise. The fries, which are not included, are hand cut, but were not served fresh. A bit on the pricey side for a mainly take-out burger shop, but an interesting experience worthy of a try.



Surprised you guys dont have this place ranked a bit higher.  I work close to the downtown location, and it makes a great lunch.  Very unique burger, and always fresh.  A bit overpriced, yes - but a great burger experience.

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