Off the Beaten Path - Third Edition

When you think of a burger, certain types of restaurants come to mind.  A bar, a steakhouse, a fast food joint, a casual chain restaurant, are just a few examples of what likely pops into one’s head.  But a Greek restaurant, known for it’s meze spreads including eggplant and chickpea?  Likely not.  Perhaps, however, it should.  Because Kefi restaurant, on the upper west side, makes as good a burger as any pub in the City.

Kefi was started by celebrity chefs Michael Psilakis and Donatella Arpaia.  Both are famous for their Greek cooking, and opened Kefi as somewhat of a casual alternative to their high end restaurants.  Kefi is the quintessential neighborhood spot, and on a cold rainy night was the only jam packed restaurant on Columbus Avenue.  The food is inexpensive, substantial, and the service is friendly and efficient.

But on to the burger, which is excellent.  It is not made with lamb as you might expect from a Greek restaurant, but instead is about an 8 ounce beef patty that his char broiled.  The burger was cooked perfectly medium rare, and comes topped with a topping of sun dried tomatoes and manouri, cheese which offers an interesting break from the normal cheese and bacon.  The topping was tasty, but did not interfere with the juiciness of the meat.  The bun was freshly toasted and held the burger together well.  On the side are homemade chips and a Greek salad, all for $9.95 which is as good a bargain as you’re going to get anywhere.

If you don’t think Greek when you think burger, perhaps you should because Kefi rivals that of many places on the BOTM list.  It’s a fun and relaxed place to go with a crowd, and if you find yourself around Columbus and 84th, I highly recommend that you give it a shot, along with the other yummy items on Kefi’s menu.

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