World's Best Burger?

I was in New Orleans a short while ago and while walking down Bourbon Street, I came across a sign that said ‘Hamburgers World’s Best’.  It was hanging in front of a place called Clover Grille.  I had to go in.  The place was a small diner type location with a dozen counter seats and half a dozen booths.  It was late and I had been out with friends for hours.  If this was the World’s Best Hamburger, I had to have one.  The burgers were cooked on a griddle top right in front of the counter.  I ordered the burger and waited.

Fifteen minutes later I got a flattened piece of beef on an oversized bun with (what were originally frozen) McDonald’s style fries.  Beside it being nice and hot, and satisfying for a late night hunger after an evening on Bourbon Street, there was not much in terms of ‘Best’ anything that I would describe about this burger.  World’s Best?  This could not have been Bourbon’s Street best.



Don't be so harsh!

My parents have a place in the French Quarter so I've been by the Clover many, many a times. The burgers are usually tender, juicy, very large and cooked to order. I'm not a purist so I go for the bacon cheeseburger. I'd recommend another go at it. They might not be the World's Best, but they are definitely better then the average.

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